HONI® Apparel's Operational Mandate since our founding is to give 10% of our profits to Children's Ministries around the world.  One of the organizations that we are so blessed to support is YES! (Youth Empowered by the Spirit) which was started by three American women in September 2015.  Their ultimate goal was to help teens transition out of the Haitian orphanage system so that they can become productive adults that can help improve the overall state of their country.  

YES! supports these teens through providing them with schooling, love, nutrition, housing, and exploring avenues to discover their God-given talent as they transition to adulthood.   If you want more information on "YES!" you can visit their website at www.yeshaitianteens.com.  

At HONI, we believe in changing the world "One Child at a Time" and only through LOVE can you enact lasting change.  The HONI Crew thanks you for your support in joining us in this amazing mission.  LOVE WELL! -PHIL 4:13